I will study and prepare
and one day my time will come.
- Abraham Lincoln -

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the following articles from a few of my favorite authors. I hope you get as much out of them as I have.

Remember; as Penniman says, "all growth is slow" so be patient with yourself, focus on increasing your knowledge a little bit at a time, and keep the wise words of Wallace D. Wattles constantly in mind:

You are not mentally developed by what you read,
but by what you think about what you read.

Thoughts That Inspire

Enjoy the articles given below, they contain great thoughts that will inspire you to climb higher and Higher and HIGHER.

Extend your hands
Reach up to the sky
Wright Brothers proved
We were meant to fly.
Think of the things you want to see, be, or do
To possibly write a jingle or carry a tune.
Just don't keep your dreams in your head
They'll remain there till you are dead.
So write down your hopes and your dreams
Then hand them over to a Power which cannot be seen
It really is easy as that may seem.
Now close your eyes and open your mind to receive
Great advice that these authors willingly give.

James Allen

Wallace D. Wattles

Dr. Henry Senders

George Matthew Adams

Henry Sherin

Many more articles by Orison Swett Marden, Napoleon Hill, James Allen, W. W. Woodbridge, and others will be added soon. So bookmark this page and check back often.

Thoughts That Instruct

"A motivated fool is still just a fool," as Jim Rohn might say, so you cannot just read things that inspire; you must also tap into "wisdom's treasures" in order to gain the knowledge required to accomplish what your heart desires.

I am delighted to share with you articles from some of the world's best educators. They will teach you how to get the most out of all that you read and once you are able to do that you'll be able to do anything that you set your mind to. Whether you are young or old; "educated" or unschooled, you'll greatly benefit from reading their thoughts. The world truly will be your oyster if you absorb what these great teachers have generously shared.

They say "the teacher will appear when the student is ready," it's great to know that whether you are "ready" or not these great teachers are already here just waiting to help. Learn from them and they will make you "ready."

Listen to your teachers
Absorb what they teach
Only then will it be easy to gain
Things that you seek.

James Hosmer Penniman

Many more articles will be added soon so bookmark this page and check back often.

Random Thoughts: Songs That Elevate

Bruce Springsteen: Land Of Hopes And Dream

This song perfectly captures the spirit of "more life to all, and less to none" which Wallace D. Wattles speaks so eloquently about in his books. Read the lyrics, write them down, memorize them, store them in your heart and then bring them forward when you need a boost.

On your journey through life sometimes you will be a passenger and sometimes the conductor. When a passenger you will be carried forward by others, repay them by living up to your ideal. You may fail many times, don't worry about that. No one is going to know or even care about your missteps when you finally "arrive." So pick yourself up when you fall down and keep going with the absolute positive certainty that you will one day arrive at your "sunny shores." It may be much sooner and with lot less struggle than your vain imaginings lead you to believe.

In the not too distant future, you will be the conductor carrying others forward. The time to think about that is now. What kind of "passengers" will you allow onto your train? What will a ticket cost? What will you do if one of your passengers fails to live up to their ideal? Where would you like to lead them? Thinking about these things now will also help you be a better "passenger," so think.

Are you snickering? Does this message seems like idle fantasy? I agree it does seem like fantasy but you'll see that it's based in reality.

Listen to a story about a "welfare mom" who rode the "gravy train" when she and her infant daughter were abandonded by her significant other. You think you have it rough right now? Think about what hardships, sneers, innerturmoil this mother must have gone through. For the next few minutes try to walk in her shoes. Can you do that?

I see you nodding your head and that's good to see. It means your mind truly has been opened to receive from the universal stream. That really is great and you'll see the benefits of that the rest of your life. Now do me a favor and close your eyes and really think of being a "welfare mom." You probably have your own preconceived ideas of what that means. I'll leave that up to you. All I care about is that you right now close your eyes for five to ten seconds and just imagine living in her shoes for a day.

I'm sure those were not the happiest five or ten seconds you've spent in your life but that is what it means to walk in someones shoes. Not just to nod your head but really imagine it. Let's get back to our story about the "welfare mom" riding the "gravy train."

One day a muse whispered in her ear
Things only she was destined to hear
She ignored the sneers and wiped away her tears
Then went to a local cafe despite all her fears
There she wrote and wrote and wrote with all her might
Guided only by the inner light
Where the ideas came from
No one really knows
All that matters is that she let them flow.
She's "lazy!"
She's a "loser!"
She's a "bum!"
These are the words she probably heard
She ignored them all and let her mind churn
They only saw the past or the present
Not the future that was near
A future that the muse had described crystal clear.

That "loser." That "bum." That "lazy welfare cheat" was J. K. Rowling. She was on welfare when the idea of writing the Harry Potter books came to her. Yes! That J. K. Rowling. She used to go into a local cafe to keep her daughter warm and where she could write all the ideas that flowed through her about a kid riding the "Hogwarts Express."

J. K. Rowling is now "worth" over a billion dollars. Yes! A BILLION dollars. Was she "worth" any less when you walked in her shoes? Do you wish to walk in them now?

We are to "create not compete" is something Wallace D. Wattles says over and over again in his books. You won't get anywhere walking in other people's shoes, you must blaze your own trail. Now that you have tapped into the universal stream, ideas are going to flow through you. One of these gems will help you create a better life. All you need to do is let good ideas flow into your mind, ones that will add "more life to all and less to none."

Before we leave this story, let us say a word of gratitude for the cafe owners where J. K. Rowling sipped her coffee. It was the fire in their hearts that kept her little tite safe and warm. They carried J. K. Rowling when the muse whispered in her ear and now she is rewarding the world by carrying kids on the adventure of their life. All that might not have happened if the cafe owners only let certain people on their "train." So let us thank them whoever they may be, without them there might be no Harry Potter movies for us to see.

One day a muse will whisper in your ear
Things only you are destined to hear
Ignore the sneers and lay aside your fears
A better life is almost here.
Work and work and work with all your might
Guided only by the inner light
Where the ideas will come from
No one really knows
All that matters is that you let them flow.
You're "lazy!"
You're a "loser!"
You're a "bum!"
These might be words you now hear
Forgive them all and just say
"more life to all and less to none"
Then go merrily on your way.
They only see your past or your present
Not the future that is near
A future that the muse will describe crystal clear.
Write down your hopes and your dreams
Then hand them over to a Power which cannot be seen
It really is as easy as that may seem.
Stop thinking you're "lazy", a "loser", or a "bum"
Forgive yourself and let your mind churn
One day soon your time will come.

Irene Cara: What A Feeling

As you read these articles an idea will certainly come to your mind about who you want to be, what you want to do, where you want to go. This idea will play a part in making your life complete and if we are lucky it might be such a big idea that it may shake the entire world; bringing more life to all and less to none.

Big or small it will not matter much if you let that idea slip away into the void. As James Allen so beautifully states, you must "cherish your visions; cherish your ideals, cherish the music that stirs in your heart" for out of them "will grow all delightful conditions."

This song by Irene Cara perfectly captures how you'll have to nurture that "slow glowing dream."

Natalie Merchant: These Are Days

The one thought that echoes through the ages is that there really is "something" inside each of us which is much bigger than we can ever imagine. When you feel down and start to think that a better life is only possible for everyone else besides you, then this song will make you realize that "you really are blessed and lucky" that you truly are "touched by something" all you need to do is let it "grow and bloom." This day is good as any to accept this fact because deep down you already know "it's true." All of the 10,000 Maniacs reminding you of this can't be wrong.

Rest not till the goal is reached.
- Vivekananda -