By Dr. Henry Senders

WHAT is success? To this there may be many answers. Some will say wealth, some will say fame, others will say love, happiness, contentment, and still others will say all these things put together. The writer's definition of success is -- effort rewarded. If there is anything that we want, and we go after it and get it, this is success. Of course, this does not always imply satisfaction. It often happens that with the reaching of the goal there comes disillusionment, a realization that the whole struggle was not worth while. Sometimes it is due to the fact that we have chosen the wrong thing for our pursuit. To an extent it is also due to the fact that bright objects are more dazzling at a distance. The latter is true of all achievement. But whatever the result as to personal gratification, if the work or project which has been undertaken has been finished according to plans it may be considered a success, and the one who planned it and put it across may be considered successful. Success, then, is ambition fulfilled.