By Dr. Henry Senders

A MOST important factor in the attainment of success is DESIRE. By this is not meant that "pink-tea" wish we hear on every step, "I wish I was this," "I wish I was that." These little wishes lead nowhere. It is the burning, soul-consuming hunger to achieve, to accomplish, that counts. No success has ever been achieved without this desire. In fact, things gained without any previous desire for them are no success at all, but, on the contrary, are often a burden.

If there is anything your heart craves for, examine first and see if it is a legitimate want. Use this test. If the realization or materialization of your want will benefit you without doing harm to anyone else, then it is legitimate.

Once satisfied with the examination, don't let your want stay in the "wish" class long. Immediately promote it into the "desire" class and then stick to it through thick and thin.