By Dr. Henry Senders

DETERMINATION is sustained resoluteness, it is a mind made up. It must have a certain amount of stubbornness in it, but this should not be of the mule variety which is characteristic of its lack of judgment and common sense. It is therefore important that one examine his motives and plans carefully before determining to take action of any kind. Once, however, a line of action has been determined upon, don't give up, stick, even if the Heavens fall.

Determination is Will-Power in action; it is the backbone of success. Without it, all your plans and ambitions are worthless.

In order to keep determination alive two points must be kept constantly in view the beginning and the end.

By the "beginning" is meant the incident or circumstance that set you thinking and made you determine to take the course in life you have taken. For instance, if the reason you are determined on financial success is because you have once been "on the rocks," it will be well to recall that fact occasionally, and it will spur you on and strengthen your determination as nothing else will.

By the "end" is meant the goal. Thus, if you determined upon a certain line of business, work or profession for the luxury, honor or fame there is in it, don't lose sight of these things. Always picture that beautiful finale, and your determination will be growing stronger all the time.