By Dr. Henry Senders

To persevere means to continue steadfastly, unflinchingly, unswervingly ahead; in spite of adversity, in spite of difficulties, in spite of discouragement and in spite of ridicule.

With perseverance you can conquer all your enemies, surmount all obstacles and eventually climb to the top. Without this quality success is a very uncertain proposition. For one is apt to throw up the sponge just as opportunity is reaching his door.

If you will consult the history of the world, you will find that many a siege has been abandoned just as the garrison was making ready to surrender the town or stronghold. It is the man who can hold out a minute beyond the breaking point who is sure to succeed.

One of the greatest enemies of perseverance is doubt. This affliction is brought on in several ways: by the recollection of past failures, by constant cautioning of old-fashioned, over-conservative friends, or by the apathetic attitude of stupid relatives.

Whatever the cause, doubt is curable. The best medicine for it is good, sound reasoning. For instance, you know what man has done, man can do. You know how many, many things which were considered impossible, were made possible by men who dared; who, however, were otherwise only human like yourself. There are many other true arguments which if brought to mind clearly will leave no room for doubt.

Another killer of perseverance is ridicule. For this, one must cultivate a certain insensibility.

Keep your eye on your goal all the time and remember that at the first glimpse of success, those who ridiculed you will begin to praise you. It is also possible that the greater part of this ridicule is only imaginary, for every one has his or her own problems and has very little, if any, time to watch others.