By Dr. Henry Senders

CONCENTRATION is the art of focusing your mind on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. It is intensified thinking and sustained attention on the thing in hand and is therefore the secret of all attainment and success.

Concentrated thought may be likened to concentrated heat. Concentrated heat will soften and finally melt the hardest metal; concentrated thought will modify and finally solve the hardest problem.

Sun rays when scattered will, at their best, keep things lukewarm. But take the rays of the area of even a square inch and focus them to one point by means of a sun-glass and they will set things afire. It is the same with thought. If you let your mind wander from one object to another, thinking of a thousand and one things in a single day, sometimes in a single hour, nothing will be accomplished. But rivet your mind on one thing for any length of time, and lo! you have accomplished the impossible.

It is, of course, easier to tell someone to concentrate than it is to concentrate, but it can be mastered by all if they will but take the bother to try.

Set aside fifteen minutes or half an hour each day for this practice. See now, how long you can keep your mind on one subject. It may surprise you that within one minute your mind will have changed several subjects, if left uncontrolled. Now, don't let this discourage you. Simply take your mind by the "ear" and lead it back to the original starting point. In time the mind will become more steady and will acquire the habit of working out one thing at a time, instead of thinking in "bunches," as it were.

This practice is worth following, for concentration will solve your problem.