By Dr. Henry Senders

THINKING is the art of converting static mind into dynamic mind. To think is to create, to build, to accomplish. The power of thought is greater than any power known, for practically all the natural forces have been harnessed by thought.

Of course, we all more or less "think" all the time, that is, our mind is seldom a total blank in our waking hours, and you can always find in one's mind some pipe-dream, a little fancy, a little worry or fear, all having their turns at short intervals. But this is as much thinking as the ordinary movements of a man in the shop or office are physical culture. The ordinary routine movements of the average person are just enough to keep the body from collapsing, and the ordinary routine thinking of the average person is just enough to keep his or her brains from drying up.

If you would be successful, you must think, and think hard.

You must familiarize yourself with the workings of your mind and direct its activities in the proper channel.

Think systematically; don't let your thoughts wander aimlessly from one object to another. Thus, if you have a hard problem  to solve, keep your mind right on it steadily and persistently until it is solved. This does not mean for one to keep worrying or stewing over it, but keep thinking about the way out of it.

A man's success is usually in proportion to his ability to control his own mind.