It Is All Within You

By Dr. Henry Senders

WHEN we consider the fact that success is not in what we do or in what surrounds us, but within us, this will become clear. Take any profession, trade or business. In the same calling one is a success, another a failure. Who is to blame, the particular calling or the man engaged in it? It can't be that the location or surroundings are at fault. Take two farmers, for example, living side by side, with an equal area of land, the land of the same quality, markets just as near; both had their farms handed down to them by their ancestors. One is prosperous, the other barely ekes out a living, and this by working half the time for his neighbor by the day. Where, then, is success, in the farm or in the farmer? And do we not see the same thing among doctors, lawyers, grocers, bootblacks, or day laborers? Of course, the failure will tell you that the other fellow had a better start, better opportunities. Perfect nonsense! Investigation has proved just the contrary. It is a fact that thousands of men have started out with money and friends, and in a short time lost both. On the other hand, out of fifty of the greatest acknowledged successful men in this country, only nine were born rich. The other forty-one got there by thorough work and thorough thinking; things open to everyone.