Anticipation And Self-Confidence

By Henry Sherin

EVERY conscious man and animal has the desire for life and comfort, but man differs from the lower animals in that he is able to anticipate, and this anticipation of the future may be so directed as to lift him to the glories of a paradise or sink him to the dungeons of a Hades.

That which should be a blessing to man and make his daily life one of ecstasy, he often uses to manufacture troubles for himself. Man only by anticipation has the power to make his life miserable or happy. The pictures of the future which he paints for himself will make him what he is to be. They will bring him health, wealth, and wisdom, or sickness, poverty, and distress. They will fill him with faith, hope, and joy, or darkness, doubt, and despair.

Anticipation, oh, what an uplift it may be! We may derive a world of pleasure from anticipating what we are to become in the future. Anticipate health if you are sick; anticipate prosperity if you are in adversity; anticipate friendship if you are an outcast; then labor toward the objects of your anticipations.

The moment a man loses confidence in himself he is a failure, for doubt and fears never bring forth success. They are the enemies of progress and prosperity. No sane man with a desire to succeed will ever depreciate his abilities or his efforts, for the world will never put a higher estimate upon him than he does upon himself. Your companions will accept you at the value you have stamped upon yourself. Mentally acknowledge to yourself that you are no good and the world will read your estimate in your countenance and believe the record true. But resolve that you are a man with a purpose and with absolute faith in yourself, and you immediately rise in the estimation of your own mind and in that of those you will meet, and success will crown your every effort. The results of your work in any undertaking will be according to your faith in your own talents. Never admit to yourself or to any other person that your efforts might be a failure. Never acknowledge to yourself or to any other person that you are broke financially, morally, or physically. Do not believe such suggestions.

No matter how poor you may be, if you are determined to rise and will refuse to allow conditions to control you, no power on earth can keep you down. By constantly declaring that you fear no opposition and are the master of your mind and your abilities, you will conquer every foe, climb over every barrier, rise in the judgment of yourself and your fellow men, and win the objects of your desires and ambitions.

The world loves to boost a hero, especially if the hero has fought his way up against heavy odds. Examples of this may be seen in every county in America. You stand and applaud a victor as he rides through the streets in his magnificent equipage, and you envy him the laurels he has won, while you have the same elements of success in you which he has, if you would only use them.

When you undertake to do things which others have not the nerve to attempt, or the will to perform, you have inspired yourself, and this inspiration will fill you with an energy that will lift you above your fellows, and carry you beyond the bounds of your most sanguine expectations. An absolute faith in self overcomes every enemy, removes every barrier, and destroys every fort in the way of the progressive man.