Becoming What You Want to Be

By Wallace D. Wattles
Author of "The Science Of Getting Rich"

SUCCESS is a progressive evolution of the faculties of the successful man. To understand this, remember that success is becoming what you want to be; becoming what you want to be consists in satisfying your desires, and desire is the effort of a faculty to come into action.

Each gain in money or position that a man may make enables him to bring into use a new faculty, or to make fuller use of an old one; this satisfies desire, and is success.

The man who can use the most of his faculties is the man who can; and because he is the man who can, he is the successful man.

Success, then, being an evolution of the successful man, must follow the evolutionary principle of action; and the basic fact in evolution is that each lower plane contains all the potentialities required to perform the functions of the higher plane.

On ascending to a higher plane, new faculties are brought into use; but we also see the continued use of the faculties which were active on the lower plane; and it is the complete development of these faculties, or their fullest possible use which makes ascension to a higher plane possible.

Evolution never reaches the higher plane from imperfectly developed specimens on the lower plane, but always from the most perfectly developed.

In other words, it is the evolutionary principle that those organisms which function most perfectly on the lower plane are nearest to the higher plane; and the way to approach the higher plane is by perfecting function on the lower plane.

More than this is necessary, however, for if no organism ever did more than to function perfectly on its own plane there would be no evolution.

Evolution begins when organisms begin to add to the necessary functions the plane on which they are living; calling into use faculties which can be perfected only on a higher plane.

Your present work may not be the work you want to do; but unless you can do your present work perfectly you are not ready for the work you want to do. And even when you can do your present work perfectly, if that is all that you can do you are not ready for anything else.

It is only when you can do your present work perfectly, and do some other work besides, that you are ready to advance.

Evolution is brought about by developing the faculties which are to be used on a higher plane; and this is done by first doing perfectly the work of the lower plane and then adding to it, so as to bring other faculties into use, or to so develop those already in use that they become too large to find expression on the lower plane.

To rise, you must not only fill your present place, but you must more than fill it: it is that part of you which projects beyond the boundaries of your present place which gets hold on a higher place.

The evolutionary principle of success is that you should more than fill your present place; and you can succeed in no other way.